On Health…

Media release – Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Health, 14 July 2021


The Tasmanian Liberal Government is strengthening community care, investing an additional $52 million for in-home and locally delivered community health services.

This investment includes funding dedicated to our Community Rapid Response Service (ComRRS) in the North West, and across the State.

The North West Community Rapid Response Services began as a pilot program in 2019, and with funding from the Tasmanian Liberal Government will now become a permanent service.

The service is a shared care model between GPs and the Community Rapid Response team, who deliver a hospital-avoidance program that provides quality care within the community for those with a range of conditions, including chronic and complex illnesses.

On average, the North West Community Rapid Response Service receives 60-70 referrals per month, and since the pilot program was launched in 2019, has delivered over 4,630 hours of care, providing better health outcomes for their patients.

We know that when people are treated in the community – when appropriate – they recover sooner.

And, through investing in community-based multidisciplinary models of care, we can prevent presentations to the emergency department and reduce hospital admissions. This frees up hospital beds, meaning more medical and surgical services for more patients who need them.

The permanency of this program delivers on our plan to implement solutions to the challenges we face in health, and ensures that Tasmanians get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.


Hundreds of Tasmanians will now receive their cancer treatment closer to home with the Tasmanian Liberal Government investing in a new Linear Accelerator at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

We know there have been increasing demands for radiation oncology in Tasmania and delivering on our 2019 commitment to upgrade the state’s radiation oncology equipment is another step forward in achieving a better health system for all Tasmanians.

The new, state-of-the-art, Linear Accelerator at the WP Holman Clinic will provide clinicians an opportunity to design the best and most precise treatment plan, improving patient outcomes.

Linear Accelerators deliver highly accurate radiation treatment for patients, making them an essential and integral part of any modern cancer facility, and will make a real difference to over 750 patients who receive treatment at the WP Holman Clinic each year.

Through the investment of more modern equipment that supports our world-class clinicians, fewer patients will need to travel to the mainland to receive treatment.

This means so much not only to those who need the treatment, but also to their family, their friends, and carers who support them.

Importantly, I want to thank the dedicated staff who work in the WP Holman Clinic for their continued commitment to helping expand patient care, treatment, and outcomes.

The equipment has been delivered through the state and Australian Government’s Commonwealth Radiation Oncology Health Program Grant and is part of a $28 million investment from the Tasmanian Liberal Government into upgrading the state’s oncology equipment.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government remains committed to providing critical cancer services and improving health outcomes for all Tasmanians, and investments such as these will make life a lot easier for both staff and patients.